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Eventbrite Passes $1 Billion in Total Sales

The online events platform has more than doubled its sales over the past 18 months.

Eventbrite has hit a revenue milestone: The online ticket-selling and event promotion company announced on Monday that it eclipsed $1 billion in cumulative sales via its digital ticketing platform.

"What's really driven the growth of Eventbrite is all these event organizers that are ticketing events that are much smaller," co-founder and CEO Kevin Hartz told Inc. Hartz added that the company’s ability to provide a ticketing, marketing, and analytics to hosts of small events (including classes, seminars, and conferences) has helped growth.

Total sales for the company have grown from $100 million in January 2009 to $400 million in December 2010 to now $1 billion, Hartz said in a press release.

Contributing to the company's growth was its recently developed card reader that can be attached to an iPad and allow event organizers to sell tickets on-site.

Now, Hartz said he’s hoping to continue the company's growth by developing a recommendation platform into the site and infiltrating new markets. By culling information from the social graph (Facebook), the professional graph (LinkedIn), and past purchases made through Eventbrite, the new platform would help users discover events catered to their interests.

He also said the company will be announcing a new business initiative in Western Europe later this week.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2012


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