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The Differences Between East & West Coast Shoppers

A new report reveals the rather predictable differences in shopping behavior between mobile consumers on the two coasts.


A new report on mobile consumer behavior says that stereotypes about East Coast versus West Coast lifestyles may actually be true.

Mobile data and analytics firm Sense Networks examined and compared East and West Coast consumers’ click-through rates, or CTR, on advertising deals over this summer.

The results were, well, somewhat predictable. West Coasters were more likely to click on advertisements for health and fitness deals, including Pilates, golf, and dance classes. East Coast users, however, were more attracted to nightlife and restaurant deals, the report found. 

The report also showed that East Coast consumers seem to be more concerned with education, as the CTR for education deals, such as art and photography classes, were 60% higher than for their West Coast counterparts.

The most alluring advertisements for West Coast users, according to the data, were manicure-pedicure and Pilates deals, while optical and eye-doctor deals were the most popular on the East Coast.

Last updated: Aug 10, 2012

JOHN MCDERMOTT is a business and culture reporter whose work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune and Playboy and on AOL.com. He recently moved from Chicago to Brooklyn, New York, to work for Inc.com.

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