Video Transcript

00:10 John Warrillow: A strategic buyer is almost always going to give you the highest possible value for your company, because by definition, a strategic buyer, the reason it's called a strategic buyer, is that they have strategic assets that they can bring to bear. So your company is going to be worth more to them than it is in your hands or in the hands of a financial buyer. So that could mean that a strategic has, for example, a sales team around the world that your product could fit into their bag nicely. It could mean that they have geographic reach worldwide whereas you've been focused on a very small market. It could mean that when you jam together your two companies, you can eliminate some headcount and streamline the businesses and reduce the expenses of the two. Regardless, the strategics is gonna have things that they can monetize that the financial buyer won't. Therefore, the strategic almost always pays more for a business.