Not every app developer can be a Nick D’Aloisio, but most would love to have at least some idea whether their app is going to make any money. 

Apptopia, a 1-year-old app marketplace, has apparently found a "secret formula” to predicting the success or failure of a proposed app concept. As of this morning, the platform offers 6-month revenue projection, revenue breakdown, and a sentiment analysis (what users are saying about the app).

Apptopia’s valuations for five "top apps" range from $11.4 million (for Angry Birds challenger Tiny Wings) to $41.2 million (for the game Temple Run). The average projected 6-month revenue for the quintet, according to a Mashableinfographic, is $5.64 million.    

Of nearly 2 million apps out there (combining estimated totals for Google Play/Android, Apple, Windows Phone Marketplace, and Blackberry World), a whopping 59 percent don’t generate enough revenue to break even on development costs, according to a developer survey from marketing company App Promo, and 68 percent earned $5,000 or less with their most successful app.

An app worth $30 million to giants like Yahoo, in other words, are hardly the norm.

Apptopia, founded in late 2011, also announced Wednesday that it has topped $1 million in sales over the course of the last year and that $850,000 of that has been paid out to developers, Mashable reported.