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The Next $30 Million App? Find Out If It's Yours

Is your new mobile app headed for a big payday? Apptopia has a new feature that can help you find out.

Not every app developer can be a Nick D’Aloisio, but most would love to have at least some idea whether their app is going to make any money. 

Apptopia, a 1-year-old app marketplace, has apparently found a "secret formula” to predicting the success or failure of a proposed app concept. As of this morning, the platform offers 6-month revenue projection, revenue breakdown, and a sentiment analysis (what users are saying about the app).

Apptopia’s valuations for five "top apps" range from $11.4 million (for Angry Birds challenger Tiny Wings) to $41.2 million (for the game Temple Run). The average projected 6-month revenue for the quintet, according to a Mashableinfographic, is $5.64 million.    

Of nearly 2 million apps out there (combining estimated totals for Google Play/Android, Apple, Windows Phone Marketplace, and Blackberry World), a whopping 59 percent don’t generate enough revenue to break even on development costs, according to a developer survey from marketing company App Promo, and 68 percent earned $5,000 or less with their most successful app.

An app worth $30 million to giants like Yahoo, in other words, are hardly the norm.

Apptopia, founded in late 2011, also announced Wednesday that it has topped $1 million in sales over the course of the last year and that $850,000 of that has been paid out to developers, Mashable reported.

Last updated: Apr 3, 2013


Julie Strickland covers start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurial endeavors of all kinds for Inc. Her work has been published in Brooklyn Based and City Limits in New York, the Free Times in Columbia, SC, Real Travel Magazine in London, and Daegu Pockets in South Korea. She lives in New York City.

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