You've likely read about the recent swarm of high-profile hack attacks. From big companies, including Twitter, to celebrities and politicians, it's finally time to face it: it could happen to you.

And if it does, you've got at least one resource at your disposal. Google recently launched its “Help for Hacked Sites” information series, a free online manual complete with instructional videos and site-by-step instructions for cleaning up the damage on a hacked website. 

The series walks the viewer through eight steps that are broken down with instructions. It starts with a general overview of what it means to be hacked, and then moves into how you can quarantine your site, assess the damage, and identify the vulnerability, and finally clean up. 

"The most valuable service is helping a site owner to get their bearings and determine how to move forward after they hear the news that their site was hacked," said Maile Ohye, developer advocate on Google's Webmaster Support Team, via email. "It's similar to how you want to feel if you heard concerning news about your health, but in this case, it's your website's health."

In order to pull the series together, Google took suggestions in a product forum and received contributions from Redleg, Denis Sinegubko of the Unmask Parasites blog, and worked in tandem with groups, including StopBadware

"Whether we take you through the very technical process of recovery or you learn to reach out to your web hoster, we're happy if you can bring your great content back online and safe for users," Ohye told Inc.