Video Transcript

00:09 Jennifer Hawkins:  Hi.  I'm Jennifer Hawkins.  And I really enjoyed listening to you today.  One thing that I'm curious about, I have a 9-year-old daughter.  And she doesn't watch your show, but is a huge fan of your books. So can you tell us a little bit about how--your books because you have a whole series of them as I know because we have several, how that plays into just A, your time, and into your brand and where the inspiration for that all came from because we're big fans.  

00:40 Sophie LaMontagne: Yeah, sure.  Well, baking was very much like we mentioned a family activity for us with our grandmother.  It was a bonding experience.  And she was the inspiration for our bakery.  And so we wanted to share that with our fans out there.  And I think for us, you know, it's not rocket science.  It's cupcakes in our business.  And, you know, for us, our customers and their siblings and sisters and brothers can bake together and have that same experience that we did, that's the best for us.  And, you know, not everyone can bake cupcakes at home or has time to make, you know, a dozen different flavors.  And so that's where we come in where people buy cupcakes from us.  But we love sharing our stories and our recipes with our following so they can have that kind of same experience at home with their families.  

01:17 Katherine Berman:  And we have two books, the "Cupcake Diaries" and then--

01:19 LaMontagne:  And "Sweet Celebrations."  

01:20 Berman: --Sweet Celebrations is the second book, right.  

01:23 Kimberly Weisul:  Over here.  

01:24 Audience Member:  Mine is very quick.  So I've been staring longingly at the pyramid of cupcakes since last night, which I can not eat because I am celiac.  So a quick question for those who have allergies, which is very unfortunate because I would love to eat them, but do you offer gluten-free or maybe dairy-free or egg-free versions?  

01:43 LaMontagne:  Yeah, we do offer--

01:44 Audience Member:  Do you have any here?

01:45 LaMontagne:  Yeah.  I don't know if there are any here, but we do have gluten-free cupcakes in our bakery every single day, a different one every day of the week and also a vegan cupcake every day of the week, a dairy-free cupcake.  

01:54 Audience Member:  Great, okay, that was it, thank you.  

01:56 Weisul:  Can I ask briefly about your growth plans?  Because you've been--am I right that you've been funded with cash flow, so--

02:02 LaMontagne:  Yeah, ourselves, so we don't have any institutional capital.  We're opening Atlanta next and we're constantly looking for new locations and we--like I said, we use our shipping data to really determine our growth and to find the really great retail spots.  Anyone who's in the retail business knows you always have to be looking because these spots, you know, pop up very quickly.  So that's something we're always looking at as well.  

02:21 Presenter:  But could you be growing more quickly and sort of, you know, more agilely if you had some kind of institutional capital?  Or do you feel that that would destroy what you have worked so hard to put together?

02:29 LaMontagne:  I wouldn't say--it wouldn't destroy it.  I think if there is at some point--

02:33 Weisul: And you used to work in venture capital.  I should mention that, yeah.  

02:35 LaMontagne:  Yeah, I did, yeah.  And there is a time and place for venture capital in all companies or some type of institutional capital.  And I think there's a time where, you know, founders step aside and they hand over the reins to someone else.  And I think for us we're not there because we love what we do, but that's not to say we'd never consider that.  I think there's a time and a place for that in each life cycle of each company depending on the circumstances.  But right now, I think our, you know, approach to growth is very strategic and measured and we're happy doing what we're doing now.  I can't say in five years that there may not be a lot more Georgetown Cupcakes with, you know, a partner onboard, but for today, I mean, we love doing what we're doing.  

03:15 Weisul:  Last question over here, please.  

03:18 Audience Member:  I'm from DC, so before the show came everyone was always obsessed with Georgetown Cupcakes all the time.  How do you maintain--because I know that before the show it was a very--at least it felt like it, a very DC brand, very DC loyal.  You know, it was kind of like a secret spot that you don't take your friends because you don't want the line to be longer.  But how do you maintain that like at-home cupcake shop when you have a show, you have--not that these are not bad things.  But it feels like a very like this is my hometown cupcake shop, at least the Georgetown.  

03:55 LaMontagne:  Yes.  And so we made the conscious decision to keep the Georgetown name and our location name is of each city, so each location is called Georgetown Cupcake SoHo, Georgetown Cupcake Newbury, Georgetown Cupcake Los Angeles.  And we open in spots in different cities that have a very much--a neighborhood feel very similar to Georgetown to where we first opened.  So that was very important to us that we had--opened in similar types of neighborhoods.  And the best thing for us honestly is when people from DC kind of are walking down the street, on Newbury Street in Boston, and they all of a sudden happen upon Georgetown Cupcake Newbury.  And they walk in and they're like I didn't know you guys were here.  And they come and they get a cupcake and you see that smile on their face.  And it is that hometown pride.  And I think we do manage to capture that feeling.  And I think it's partly because we keep that name in our--the location's name, the Georgetown name, but for us we love being a neighborhood bakery.  

04:46 Audience Member:  (Inaudible) conscious or if it's just I feel like it's home. 

04:49 LaMontagne:  Yeah.  I mean, we-;I think we made-;we wanted to keep it-;people-;we were proud of our roots, where we started, and we definitely wanted to keep that in our name going forward, right.  

05:01 Weisul:  Thanks.  Thank you so much to the two founders of Georgetown Cupcake.   

05:02 LaMontagne:  It's our pleasure.