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Start-up Movie Gaining Traction on Kickstarter

A comedy film wants to take audiences into what life is like as an early-stage start-up founder.

A new movie project is starting up on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter—and it’s a film about, what else, start-ups.

The indie dramedy called the startup will show the realities of early-stage businesses. "The goal is to make a great movie that accurately depicts the trials and tribulations of creating a successful start-up company,” said director Jared Cohn. The creators of the film, produced by Cohn’s company Traplight Media, set a final goal of $25,000. The project has already reached $10,503 in pledges since starting Aug 19, Cohn said.

According to Kickstarter, projects that reach 30% of their goal early on have a success rate of more than 90%. With 41% of its goal secured within three days, the startup appears to be off to a promising start.

But other film projects looking to cover the start-up world, have not done as well. 

Since launching Aug 16, a wannabe web series project called Startup Diaries has only received $190 in pledges--making a 12% dent on its $1,500 goal.

Other efforts like I-5 Startup Project and Startup Film both failed to meet their funding goals and tanked. 

Of the 13 categories Kickstarter uses to classify projects, the Film & Video category is the largest. It accounts for 19,499 of the over 68,000 total launched projects since the website’s founding in 2009, according to Kickstarter’s Stats page.


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