The end of the world is coming! Perhaps... The Mayans wrongly get blamed for making December 21, 2012 a day of fear and reckoning but actually it is more likely the beginning of a new era. Since my birthday is December 22nd I am kind of hoping the latter is true. Either way, just the potential of apocalypse is worthy of considering your actions for the next couple of weeks.

With that in mind I have created a to-do list appropriate in preparing for Armageddon. I made sure to also consider in each case the worst-case repercussions of taking action even if I am still celebrating my four dozenth birthday next Saturday.

1. Have the Gourmet Dinner of Your Life

One last chance to try French Laundry or Per Se and spoil your senses with amazing food and wine. Worst case: You'll continue to dine on that $1,000 experience for years to come.

2. Tell Your Family What You Really Think of Them

Finally you will have been honest before you all die. May as well end with a lighter chest. Worst case: You'll be ready to move toward a healthier relationship since at least now you are dealing with them truthfully.

3. Give Money to Charity

Don't give it all since it might not actually do them good if the world ends. But give more than you normally do. Worst case: You'll have made a positive impact to start the next era with a good feeling.

4. Spend a Day of Complete Grooming

Go all out with a new doo, clothes, mani/pedi, the works! You want to look your finest for the last day on the planet. Worst case: You gain a whole new style and a new Sunday best.

5. Commit to a Religion

It doesn't really matter which one, but just in case, you'll be covered. Worst case: You might find peace in your new spirituality.

6. Take a Total Stranger to Breakfast

What a great way to start the day, and it will give you insight into the many people you will never meet. Pick someone off your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn list that you really don't know. (Admit it, everyone has strangers on those lists.) Or just pick someone random on the street. Worst case: You'll have a new learning experience and maybe make a new friend, and of course, there's always the bacon.

7. Play Hookey on 12/21

Why work on the last day ever. Be bad for a change. Worst case: So you burn a day of sick pay, big deal.

8. Thank Everyone

Send emails to everyone important who has ever helped you in your life. No need to hand-write them since snail mail will be too slow. Worst case: People will know how much you appreciate them and they may continue to help you.

9. Buy Lots of My Books

You can help me make my lifetime goal of the New York Times Best Seller list. Worst case: You'll have many great gifts to give on Xmas.

10. Go Approach the Forbidden Man/Woman of Your Dreams

The opportunity is almost gone. Whether it's a desired celebrity, mentor, or object of love. You have nothing to lose by making your feelings known. Any embarrassment will be shortly irrelevant and you'll be so engaged with the interaction you'll forget about the pending demise. Worst case: You may get the relationship of your dreams or at least deal with the reality it will never happen. (I already did this. That's how I married my dream girl this year.)

11. Spend a Day Completely Disconnected From the Web/Phone/Etc.

None of those calls will matter anyway and you can spend a day of quiet contemplation. Worst case: You can tell people you were hung over from the holiday party.

12. Take a Strenuous Hike in the Outdoors

Spend some hours appreciating the nature on this planet before it disappears. Worst case: You'll remind yourself of the pure force that drives us.

13. Apologize and Resolve

Put to bed any outstanding grudges and make amends where previously irreparable. Worst case: You'll feel better and might even rekindle valuable relationships.

14. Test Drive a Maserati Convertible

You know you want to and it'll be lots of fun. Worst case: You have a new aspiration to make you work harder. (They don't let most people test drive a Ferrari.)

15.  Spend a Day With Loved Ones Giving Thanks

Expend some energy recognizing its a wonderful world even with its ups and downs.  Worst case: You'll become acutely aware of the many wonders in your life.

Hey just in case, send me a birthday hello on December 22nd and let me know that you survived.