Video Transcript

00:11 Kevin Ryan: How do you determine whether someone's a good fit? A lot of that depends on you as the manager, having a clear understanding of what is success in someone's job. What differentiates a good employee from a not so good employee? Hopefully you have as many quantitative metrics as possible. For example, if it's in sales that's much easier. Better sales people will sell more. Sometimes it's on service, sometimes it's the on ability to deal with people, and sometimes the ability to make good decisions. So you gotta be close enough that you can evaluate that.

00:41 Ryan: Each position is very different. When I'm evaluating how an accountant is doing versus an engineer versus a sales person, obviously very different metrics. But I've gotta be close enough and that's one thing the experience helps to know that this person is doing what they want them to do. Sometimes employees aren't doing a good job partly 'cause they weren't given clear guidance. They don't know what the goals are. They don't know what success is. And that's the fault of the manager, not the employer.