Video Transcript

00:10 Kevin Ryan: Hiring, firing and mentoring your people is the single most important thing that an entrepreneur does. So, how do you do a better job than anyone else? So, one is you need to spend more time on it, and those decisions are so fundamental, and yet I see some people hiring people quickly because they just need someone then, and then they're stuck with them. So you need to think of this as really the biggest decision 'cause most businesses now are really just about people. If you're an ad agency, you don't own anything other than the people working there.

00:40 Ryan: So, if you spent the entire three months thinking about how you would get the best people in the door, spend the most time, create the best environment, that will pay off, and I find over time that it's more important for me to spend the time hiring great people than it is even managing people. Because, as we all know, if you have a great employee, they actually need very little management. They know how to do their job. They just need a little bit of guidance and a few goals, but they are professionals. But a good person in a job is often much, much better, two times, three times better than someone who's not very good, and even though that good person only needs to be paid 10% more, 20% more, in my mind they're always cheaper than a mediocre employee.