Video Transcript

00:10 Kevin Ryan: So hiring is never an exact science and even though I have hired about as many people as anyone, still you make mistakes. But the mistakes you often make and the mistakes I have made in the past have been because I haven't spent enough time doing the reference checks. That is the single thing that people don't spend enough time on. They are willing to interview 30 candidates. In other words spend 30 hours finding someone, but how many people do you know who spent five hours doing reference checks and someone knows the person you are interviewing and someone knows in incredible detail whether or not they do a good job and are they the right fit for this job. So you need to get to that person and have a frank conversation and do that process. I have said once in the past that, if you have a choice between being able to interview candidates and being able to do reference checks, it's more important to do reference checks.