Video Transcript

00:11 Kevin Ryan: Well, I think there's ... I'm not sure I have a favorite interview question. I always wanna know what people do for fun? I wanna get a sense of who they are outside of the job. And I wanna be talking about things that they weren't necessarily preparing an answer for, because I get to know them a little bit better and get a sense of that. Because if you ask someone, "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" They're ready for that. "Why they wanna get this job?" They're ready for that. So, normally I really wanna delve into their professional success and their own company and get a good understanding if they understand the dynamics of what makes someone successful in their old job, and have thoughtful answers to that and conscious decisions, "I did this versus that," 'cause that will apply to this job as well. I also wanna focus a lot on how they interacted with other people. I wanna make sure that that is consistent with how other people say that this person has done in the previous job.