Entrepreneurs and drones just seem to go together.

Amazon says it’ll deliver by drone to your house. Lakemaid Beer wants to deliver beer via drone to ice fishermen on frozen lakes. Now Netflix, tongue firmly in cheek, ups the ante: In its video (embedded below) it says it’s going to send a drone to deliver your DVD to you at a urinal if that’s what it takes to get the desired movie within “seconds” of it being added to your queue.

Amazon, which got its version of drone delivery plugged on a 60 Minutes episode (nice job, guys), seems to have been the pioneer in the emerging genre of drone delivery promotional videos. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that his company’s drone delivery was still in the research and development stage, and showed off an octocopter toting a brightly-colored plastic box. It all looked so official, even though drone delivery probably won't become real until 2015.

Lakemaid Beer followed with a more lighthearted video, showing beer being delivered via drone to ice fishermen on a frozen lake in Minnesota. Unlike Amazon, Lakemaid quickly got slapped by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA said the video was a “commercial use” of drones, which still hasn’t been approved. Lakemaid promises to follow up with another video showing a legal but lower-tech version of drone delivery that, theoretically, could be rolled out right away.

Next comes Netflix, ready to deliver your movie by drone mere seconds after you’ve added it to your queue. In the video, General Manager Hank Breeggemann brags that “Unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs.” I guess it’s a given that the odd little fireball is to be expected.

Thank goodness the octocopter and its ilk are so widely available for rent at hobby stores, or we wouldn’t get to enjoy any of this silliness. I’m just hoping Dollar Shave Club is up next.

Here’s Netflix’s latest, courtesy of Engadget.