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Shake Up Your Morning Routine-- and Other Best Tips From the Week

A roundup of the five best take-home tips on Inc. this week.

Here's a novel way to make an investment in your immediate future: take some time to exercise. You know how good it is for your health, but working out can also boost your mood.

"Moderate intensity aerobic exercise improves mood immediately and those improvements can last up to 12 hours," Associate Professor at the University of Vermont Jeremy Sibold, MD, said. "This goes a long way to show that even moderate aerobic exercise has the potential to mitigate the daily stress that results in your mood being disturbed." 

So while there's never a bad time to work out, starting mornings with a 20-minute exercise routine can ensure that the resulting happy feelings stay with you all day long. Read more

How to Survive a Pivot 

Take it from someone who knows: the day after you decide to pivot, you are no longer working at the same company. Chris Cunningham, co-founder of appssavvy, a technology and advertising company, led his startup through a grueling three-year-long pivot. 

He said he made the mistake of assuming that his original revenue projections would translate even after the company decided to go a different direction. He warned others not to do the same. "Adjust and learn the same way you did the first day you started your company," he said. Read more

Front-load Your Week 

Don't ever have a slow Monday. Schedule your most important activities both early in the week and early in the day. This allows you to tackle those projects while you are most energized, hopefully after a nice weekend of recharging. It also frees up time later in the week in case unexpected and urgent matters come up. Read more

Show Some Tough Love

More often then not, those tough as nails leaders are the best kind. Their high standards push employees forward. Follow these four steps to emulate their style: don't give empty praise. Set high expectations and clear goals. Don't punish your employees for failing. And remember to say thank you; tough love without the love is not effective. Read more

Getting Organized

Whether you're not naturally organized -- or you just don't have the time to stay on top of the ever-growing stack of papers on your desk -- take a few minutes here and there to get things in order. First, clean up your workspace by filing away all of the papers you don't need. Second, stop jotting appointments down on sticky notes. Maintain a detailed calendar, whether it's a desk calendar or an electronic one. Read more

Last updated: Dec 20, 2013

LAURA MONTINI | Staff Writer

Laura Montini is a reporter at Inc. She previously covered health care technology for Health 2.0 News and has served as an associate editor at The Health Care Blog. She lives in San Francisco.

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