Facebook is arguably one of a small business' most crucial tools for social media marketing and consumer engagement. And with 25 million companies currently on the social platform, it seems like a great time for its latest initiative: an event series called Facebook Fit.

The company announced today that it will host "bootcamp" events in five cities across the U.S., including New York, Miami, Austin, Chicago, and, of course, Menlo Park. The half-day events will focus on best practices for small business' Facebook use. The day will also feature sessions on payments, legal services and financial management from event partners Intuit, LegalZoom, and Square.  

"These were the companies that our clients told us they wanted to hear from," Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business, said. 

Levy, who will be speaking at each stop on the East-to-West tour, said the idea for the events came out of Facebook's first Small and Medium Business Council, which was held in March. The council consists of 12 businesses that are temporarily advising Facebook on the development of its tools. 

"We spent a bunch of time listening and learning from them, and one of the things that came up a few times -- that we had heard a little but we didn't realize was so prevalent -- was how many small business owners were actually teaching other small business owners in their communities about Facebook," Levy said.  

Levy added that he predicts the most popular session of the day will be when a few local business owners get on stage to discuss growth strategies that have and haven't worked for them. 

Below are the Facebook Fit tour dates: 

  • New York - June 3
  • Miami - June 19
  • Chicago - July 10
  • Austin - July 24
  • Menlo Park - August 5