The reality for most bootstrapping startups is that it's hard to compete with corporate America on salary and benefits. Just how hard?

Glassdoor released today its top 25 list of large companies that--according to their own employees--have the best compensation and benefits.

As you probably guessed, Big Tech took many of the top spots. Google led the list, followed by Costco and Facebook came in third. (The full list is in the graphic below.)

It comes as little surprise that Google and Facebook made it into the list's top three. In addition to other generous benefits, the two employers are known for providing numerous onsite perks--like doctor's visits and free food--that make workers feel right at home on campus. According to Glassdoor, Costco ranked highly because it extends numerous benefits to part-time employees as well as full-time ones. 

The results come from Glassdoor's online anonymous company review survey, which asks participants to rate their company on a scale of one to five, indicating how happy they are with their compensation and benefits. 

There's no doubt that compensation is top of mind for most employees when considering a new position. Seventy-six percent of respondents said it was their number one consideration before accepting a job, according to Glassdoor. 

However, survey responses from employees reveal that it's not just taking home a large paycheck that keeps them happy with their job. Among comments from employees were notes about their organization including "caring company," "great sense of security," and "culture of excitement and pride."