TED 2014 just wrapped up last week. Which means you've likely had your fill of high-minded speakers talking about everything from leadership strategy to ingestible learning

And while TED never fails to deliver an all-star lineup, the event has drawn some hate from critics in recent years.  It's difficult to pinpoint the source of their collective irritation, but some have said it's not the ideas themselves, but the way they're presented that they find so exasperating. 

"The genius of TED is that it takes capable-but-ordinary speakers, doing old talks they've performed many times elsewhere, and dresses them up in a production that makes you feel like you’re watching Kennedy announce the race to the moon," columnist Martin Robbins has written for the NewStatesman.

Whether you love them or hate them, let's all check out the The Onion's most recent TED spoof. Call it a mental health break.