If you've ever wondered why certain people have a tendency to be active while others are perfectly content lounging on the couch all day long, this video offers an explanation. 

It might be that a "couch potato gene" is responsible for laziness, according to AsapSCIENCE. By observing mice as they ran on their wheels, scientists found that active mice give birth to mice that also tend to be active. They continued to find that those mice, too, passed on their active genes to their offspring, and so on. 

In fact, the researchers found that 16 generations later, mice who shared DNA with the original active mice ran seven miles a day in comparison to the average four. 

The video goes on to explain that mice--and people--that are opposed to doing work and physical activity, have a gene that is responsible for the absence of a dopamine receptor. This same receptor causes active people to receive enjoyment from constant activity. 

But not to worry. If you think you're in possession of the couch potato gene, the video also explains how you can compensate.