Video Transcript

00:10 Lauren Bush Lauren: Strategic partnerships have been so helpful and so central in growing and scaling Feed. From the beginning, we partnered with companies like Whole Foods, Disney, Pottery Barn, the Gap, Target, Clarence Godiva, and I would say some a lot more successfully than others, and I've learned a lot about partnerships through that. And what I've learned most is obviously if you can find a partner who has like values, like intentions, they want the good will of partnering with a give-back company, but it can be done really well and really right where their company brand benefits our company and brand benefits and we're able to reach a whole new audience with our mission. So, I would say when you can find a partner whose brand values are aligned and also you can have a big impact with, they're really willing to invest in the program, in the marketing, in the impact, that is really a win-win.