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12 Ways to Get More of What You Want

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that are most often overlooked. Reflect the behavior you want to see, and you'll be surprised with the results.


Margie Blanchard, Ph.D., has been a driving force behind the Ken Blanchard Companies' growth as a premier management consulting firm. She heads up its office of the future, a study of emerging trends in the workplace.  

When I interviewed Margie a few years ago, I was taken by her keen insights and profound reflections. During our discussion, she shared her perspective after she and Ken lost their beloved home in a San Diego fire. She said, "Everything I had held onto I lost, and everything I ever gave away I still had." Hmm. Think about that.

Our society emphasizes accumulation of wealth, possessions, power, recognition, etc.  In truth, our lives were meant to give away.

So, here are 12 behaviors just about every leader wants more of and 12 simple ways to get them.

1.    Want enthusiasm? Give it.
2.    Want change? Become the change.
3.    Want forgiveness? Give it.
4.    Want more autonomy? Give it.
5.    Want to be heard? Lend an ear.
6.    Want recognition? Give it.
7.    Want respect? Show it.
8.    Want consideration? Give it.
9.    Want help? Offer yours.
10.    Want gratitude? Express it.
11.    Want leadership? Be the leader.
12.    Want more? Give more.

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Last updated: Feb 5, 2014

LEE COLAN | Columnist

Lee Colan is founder of the L Group, a consulting firm that equips and inspires leaders at every level. He is a leadership adviser, presenter of practical ideas, and a Thinkers 50 nominee for Top Management Thinker.

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