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00:09 Richard Branson: I very, very rarely will go into a business because I think I'm gonna make money out of it and that's why we should go into it. I mean, what I see is as a situation where I really think we can make a difference to other people's lives, and if you can do that, you should be able to build a successful business. But, there are often more than one reason for why people do things in life, and with Virgin Clean Energy, I've been involved in, and concerned about, the possibility that global warming is a reality and the potential damage that can do to the world.

00:56 Branson: So, I have pledged to spend the profits from our airline businesses in trying to develop clean fuels. And the companies we've invested in have developed clean fuels which one day will power up our planes and other people's planes. I think those companies will do extraordinarily well because if every plane in the world can be powered by clean fuels rather than dirty fuel, and that fuel is sustainable, renewable, not just a fuel that's taken out of the ground and never can be replaced, then it's got a spectacular future. So, whether it's an algae-based fuel or whether it's a fuel that is converted from power stations, steel plants, aluminum plants and turned into aviation fuel or whatever. And I think our planes one day will be powered by clean fuels, because there's only 1,800 petrol stations in the world to fill up airplanes. Whoever manages to crack it, I think will do well as a business as well, and it'll be good to have a competitor to dirty fuels. And then, of course, we're running out of dirty fuels anyway.