Video Transcript

00:08 Richard Branson: Well, first of all, the name "the War Room" has been heavily debated, and I've got people who work with me who think I was absolutely wrong in insisting and calling it the "Carbon War Room". But it says what it is. And it's a war on carbon, and it's a positive war on carbon. And I think it's... Anyway, I liked it. I think it's worked. I mean I think in my lifetime, we've embarked on three wars, Vietnam, Iraq, and perhaps to a slightly lesser extent, Afghanistan, all dreadful mistakes. And so, generally, very, very anti-war thing that we can... We should be able to avert wars rather than create wars.

01:01 Branson: Yeah, so, the idea... So, what you call something is important. And I just felt it said exactly what it was. You know, what it was, it was a war on carbon, not a war on people. And this was a particular war to benefit people. And we've also set up an organization to tackle the... To try to look after the oceans, called the Oceanic Elders with Sylvia Earle. And so, I think having these umbrella organizations like the Elders, the Carbon War Room, Center for Disease Control in Africa, the Oceanic Elders... We're also in the process of setting up a business organization of a group of business leaders to try to get businesses to get their houses in order a bit better and try to unite businesses to try to overcome problems. But having these umbrella organizations, I think, makes sense.