On June 23 and June 24, Inc. Business Owners Council is inviting business owners to meet in Long Island, New York City and Greenwich, CT, to discuss the growing opportunities to leverage corporate real estate in new ways.

Whether a business owner leases his corporate real estate or owns it, there are many new options and opportunities to boost the strategic value of a company's property program.

For example, as a renter, what would it take to re-negotiate one's commercial lease? Philip DiGennaro, an attorney from Withers Bergman, negotiates property deals with real estate and business owners every day. On June 23 and June 24, Phil will walk us through the current trends emerging in this increasingly soft commercial real estate market.

How ahttp://blog.inc.com/mt-static/images/formatting-icons/italic.gifbout buying your commercial property? In some cases, the underlying real estate can be a business' most valuable asset when selling the company. Would you like to hear from an Inc. entrepreneur who's done just that? Jim Berlin, from Logistics Plus will be joining us to share how the addition of a savvy real estate strategy not only changed his balance sheet but his public relations profile as well.

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