On September 15, Inc. magazine's Business Owners Council held its first "TH(Inc.) TANK" event at the spectacular Core Club in midtown Manhattan. Billed as an opportunity to "enlarge your brain, enhance your business and engage your passion," the event was held in the Core Club's chic "media room." The evening's guest speaker was Citibank Managing Director, Terry Benzschawel. Benzschawel is one of the top quantitative scientists at Citi, specializing in global markets and understanding what factors make financial instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.) trade at the market price.

Benzschawel began by helping the attendees understand what had happened just one year earlier, when the financial markets were in turmoil and global credit had stopped virtually overnight. As any business owner knows, the availability of credit is essential to conducting business and many are still rebuilding after having taken severe blows during that period of time.

Benzschawel took several questions from the Council members and other guests in the audience. They wanted to know how to judge if the economy and the financial system are on the right track now. The evening gave the participants a chance to push past the crowded headlines in order to get an edge on the daily changes taking place in the financial markets. Other issues addressed by this esteemed crowd of business owners included this philosophical query: what is capitalism today and what is the role of government going forward? As you can imagine, opinions were passionate but mixed.

The attendees came to hear how the world is changing so they can get ahead of the change. They left buzzing with new ideas and new challenges to consider.

Our next TH(Inc.) TANK event, on October 14, picks up where this event left off: The topic? How do you do things in a new way when the old way stops working? How do you "Pivot"? Our special guests include Tom Clarke, former CEO of TheStreet.com (and Jim Cramer's former partner) and Sam Ewen, proprietor of marketing firm Interference. Sam's got a story about pivoting that you wouldn't believe except it happened to be covered by every major news outlet in the world.

WHEN: October 14 @ 6PM
WHERE: Manhattan's new "High-Line" district, in an $8 million glass home in the sky

For more information about upcoming TH(Inc.) TANK events, email events@inc.net.