Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants (and well on his way to being the father of a new "Small Giants" movement) will be joining me in conversation next week. Our topic: the DNA of the best small companies in America.

Too many businesses focus on revenue growth at the expense of profitability. They're choosing a dollar today even if it may cost them 99 cents to deliver the value. Small Giants, on the other hand, focus on profit. They run systematic, efficient companies and celebrate their nimble size as well as the purity of their products and brand reputation.

Many of us are at a critical juncture. Having slimmed down our companies, do we ramp up again for growth? Or stay small for profit? Burlingham's case studies will give you more to think about as you map out your business strategy.

For more information about our upcoming meetings decoding "small giants", taking place in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City, click here.

Our special guest will be Bo Burlingham:

March 17 @ 8AM: Greenwich, CT
March 18 @ 8AM: Union, NJ
March 18 @ 12:30PM: Downtown Manhattan