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April 22: "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work" Day


April 22 is "Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work" Day. This wonderful program has been expanded over the years to include introducing kids from economically impoverished areas being introduced to business environments that they rarely (if ever) have access to.

I'm working with a charitable organization, Fresh Youth Initiatives, based here in the New York City area, to introduce young people from the Washington Heights neighborhood to local businesses.

What does a host do? Not too much, and it's fun, too. Fresh Youth Initiatives will drop the youth off at a host's office. During the day hosts will talk to the kids about what they do, how the business operates and what kind of training, experience and education one needs to succeed in their field. Hosts also need to feed these young people lunch--perhaps take them out for a nice meal. At the end of the day, Fresh Youth Initiatives will pick up the youth and take them home.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, let me know. I'll introduce you to the right folks at Fresh Youth.


Last updated: Apr 9, 2010

LEWIS SCHIFF | Inc. Business Owners Council

Lewis Schiff is the executive director of the Inc. Business Owners Council. His latest book is Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons.

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