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Greater New York Chapter

The Business Owners Council is a network of top performing entrepreneurs in regional groups coast-to-coast. Lewis Schiff (contact info) is the executive director of the Greater New York Chapter. MORE INFO ABOUT THE COUNCIL >.

Inc Business Owners Council Chapters:

Buying and Selling Companies


As the great capitalist, Bob Dylan (over 100 million albums sold) once said, "The Times They Are A-Changin'". How right he was.

Company mergers and acquisitions have always been an important, though complex, aspect of entrepreneurship. But these days, it's positively confusing. Have you been thinking about the sale of your company? Or the purchase of a competitor? If so, this is an essential event for you.

On Wednesday, Sept. 15 Connecticut and New Jersey) and Thursday, Sept. 16 (New York City), Inc. magazine's Business Owners Council is bringing a proven deal-maker to your community. You'll find out what the template of a deal in 2010 looks like. One thing is clear: it doesn't look the same as a deal in 2004-2008.

Whether you're planning to sell or acquire in the near future or simply want to understand what a dollar earned in your business adds to your long-term equity, please join us for this information-packed event.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2010

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