Reform of America's health care system has been discussed in Washington for most of our lives. This year, it happened. What most agree is a massive, complex piece of legislation designed to update our increasingly struggling health care system is now the law of the land. Experts tell us that it will continue to evolve but one aspect seems unlikely to change: the employer's key role in delivering health care insurance to its employees.

Beginning in 2011, the business sector has been asked to become educated in the new legislation's features. By 2012, the implementation will begin and within eight years, its implementation will largely be complete.

No matter what your politics, it is essential that you become familiar with the facets of this legislation that rest upon the shoulders of employers. Now that the experts have had time to review the details, this is the opportunity to familiarize yourself with what it really means to you.

Join us on Tuesday, November 9, in New York for lunch or Wednesday, November 10, in New Jersey for breakfast where we'll learn about the impact of healthcare reform legislation on business owners.

Education is our greatest tool in helping to bring about positive change to the business landscape. We hope to see you in November at our Greater New York community of business owners.