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Greater New York Chapter

The Business Owners Council is a network of top performing entrepreneurs in regional groups coast-to-coast. Lewis Schiff (contact info) is the executive director of the Greater New York Chapter. MORE INFO ABOUT THE COUNCIL >.

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Inc. 5000 CEO Speaks: How I Got My Business Model Right With My Second Company

How does that old saying go? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me? Not so for Joe Gillette.
Joe Gillette, CEO of Stage 2 Networks


Everyone thought Joe Gillette was a big success after he sold his first company. Little did they know that his partners who provided him with capital had squeezed Joe's stake down with every cash infusion. When Joe set out to build his second company, Stage 2 Networks, he didn't make the same mistake. Find out how Joe made much smarter decisions the second time around when it came to:

  • funding the company
  • his business model, and 
  • how he creates success for himself, personally…

Joe Gillette will be our guest at Inc. Magazine HQ in NYC on January 24th. Click here to register for this exciting event and find out how Joe Gillette got it right the second time around.

Last updated: Jan 17, 2012

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