Noah Lehmann-Haupt, CEO of Gotham Dream Cars, and a member of Inc. Business Owners Council, led a high-octane workshop on Wednesday, April 14, at Inc. Magazine's headquarters. The topic: Fully leveraging search engine traffic to maximize your business' visibility.

Noah took us through a turbo-charged version of all that he's learned in 6 years in the driver's seat at his exotic car rental firm. He laid out a three-stage strategy for search engine success:

1. Define your keywords and keyphrases
   --He offered plenty of tools to refine your keyword set.
2. Build your website "correctly"
   --High quality HTML can be found using a few methodologies
3. Get links from other sites
   --There are good links and bad links. Knowing the difference between them is important.

What Noah provided the attendees in his 90 minute session was "like drinking from a fire hose."

Thank you Noah for your clarity, your tactical program and sharing your hard won experience. You're in our winner's circle!