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Small Business, Washington D.C. Style


Many of us agree that small business owners and entrepreneurs are the engine of growth for the U.S. economy. And yet we watch big business pulling at the levers of power and wonder what they know that we don't.

When it comes to the economy, changing tax law and politics, you need to know what big business knows--especially if it will impact your business decisions for the next 12 months or more. So Inc. Business Owners Council has invited two of the leading advisors to CEOs and wealthy business owners in the North East and globally to tell you what they're telling their billionaire clients. This session, just two weeks before a crucial election, can help you understand the various players and their positions and put you ahead of the curve after election day when it comes to end-of-year business planning. In New York, New Jersey or Connecticut? Join us.

Year-End Power Moves For Business Owners: A Panel Discussion (ATTENDANCE IS FREE/RSVP REQUIRED)

Ricky Rahaman is a Rothstein Kass principal. Rahaman specializes in assisting middle market businesses, including developing exit strategies and ways to ease overall tax burdens for business owners and structure "buy-sell" agreements.

Edward Renn is an attorney at Withers Worldwide. He manages the private wealth matters for both domestic and international clients. His specialties are wealth preservation and multi-generational planning and he serves as a trusted advisor to several notable high net worth families.

Last updated: Oct 18, 2010

LEWIS SCHIFF | Inc. Business Owners Council

Lewis Schiff is the executive director of the Inc. Business Owners Council. His latest book is Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons.

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