"The Seven Principles of the Business Brilliant"
Based on a dozen years of study of successful people and how they make money, I have identified seven areas where self-made millionaires excel compared to the rest of us. I call these the "Seven Principles of the Business Brilliant":

  • They are better at "following the money." Self-made millionaires focus on those activities which are extremely valuable to others.
  • They are better at asking for money. Self-made millionaires always ask for more even though they know that most of the time the answer will be 'no.'
  • They execute. Self-made millionaire know that doing something well is more important than doing something new.
  • They cultivate their networks. Self-made millionaires know that friends or associates who can help them when it matters most can make a difference.
  • They can walk away. When the deal isn't right, self-made millionaires move on.
  • They build teams. Self-made millionaires try to maximize their time by undertaking tasks where they add more value than others. In other cases, they try to delegate.
  • They fail. Self-made millionaires know that failure is not a stigma, it's a powerful learning tool to learn what you're best at.

I've come to know this by working with some of the best researchers in the field of wealth creation. I've also learned that you don't have to be proficient at all seven of these principles to become hugely successful. In fact, even among the most successful people I've interviewed, most are good at two or three, sometimes even four. 

I've only met one person who is skilled at all seven.

Who Is Entrepreneur Zero?
During the course of my research, I came across one individual who appears to be proficient at all seven of these business brilliant principles. This individual was such a perfect specimen of business brilliance, I began calling him "entrepreneur zero." Like "suspect zero" to detectives tracking a criminal or doctors looking for "patient zero" when searching for the source of an illness, "entrepreneur zero" was the purest example of entrepreneurial skills and behaviors I had come across in a dozen years.

SPECIAL INVITE: Live Interview With Entrepreneur Zero in NYC's Times Square
On April 2nd, I will be introducing Entrepreneur Zero to the world. Of course, this individual is extremely successful and well-known in the business community but on April 2nd he will sit for a "Business Brilliant" interview. We will explore how the Seven Principles of the Business Brilliant manifest themselves in his business practices and his own story of success.

This interview will take place at NASDAQ's MarketSite, a cutting-edge theater located in the heart of New York City's Times Square. 

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