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Zappos' Tony Hsieh Comes to The Big Apple


SPECIAL EVENT: A one-on-one interview with one of America's top entrepreneurs, Tony Hsieh, CEO of on June 9 in midtown Manhattan.

Only a few seats remain for this event, which also raises money for Livestrong, Lance Armstrong's foundation dedicated to better health. REGISTER NOW.

Having Sold Zappos to Amazon for $900 Million, Tony Discusses What It Takes to Succeed In Today's Challenging Environment

In 10 short years, has become the leader in defining customer service on the Web. During that time, their lavish attention to their clients satisfaction earned them the loyalty of millions of shoppers looking for everyday items from shoes to clothing to bags.

Zappos made a big bet on treating its customers right. The bet paid off.

Hear about the unique "Zappos" culture and how it's got everyone talking.

Who is Tony Hsieh?

Tony Hsieh (pronounced "Shay"), 35, took over Zappos in 2000 when it had $1.6 million in sales. Today, it's revenues top $1 billion. How did Tony and his team accomplish this feat? His second major sale of a business in ten years?

Tony's no one-trick pony. Experts believe he's the picture of the 21st Century entrepreneur. During this exclusive one-on-one interview, Tony will talk about his new book, "Delivering Happiness," his headline-making deal with Amazon, and his plans for the future.

June 9 @ 1PM in Midtown Manhattan. Register for tickets now.

Last updated: Jun 4, 2010

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