1. Excuse Me, Mr. President

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a public note Thursday about his frustration with the U.S. government and its Internet-surveillance practices. He said he has called President Obama to talk about his concerns, but Zuckerberg concluded that, "Unfortunately, it seems like it will take a very long time for true, full reform."--Facebook

2. March Madness

On Sunday, the teams set to compete in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament will be unveiled--and your employees are sure to bust out the brackets and start a pool. There's plenty of reason why you shouldn't stand in their way.--Inc.com

3. Happy Pi Day!

Today, we celebrate the magical, mysterious 3.14159. More than just an excuse to eat pie, this informal national holiday is also a great example of how an unlikely idea can wheedle its way into the status quo.--Inc.com

4. High Scores

Some good news for women business owners: Credit scores for your businesses jumped to 610 on average nationwide in 2013, up from 592 in 2012, according to survey data from alternative financer Biz2credit. Businesses with scores under 600 don't typically get financing, and twice as many women-owned businesses applied for financing in 2013 as the previous year.--Biz2Credit

5. Opportunity Knocks

ShopRunner is making a clever attempt to lure away Amazon customers who have been turned off by the just-announced price increase for Prime membership. The company is offering a year of free, unlimited two-day shipping to any Prime members who have yet to renew at the higher price. It's a good reminder to keep an eye out for unexpected marketing opportunities.--Wall Street Journal

6. Going After Apple

IDair, a startup based in Hunstville, Alabama, uses smartphone cameras, plus its own patented algorithm and software, to turn fingerprint images into security identification for use in consumer products. Just because a giant like Apple offers similar technology doesn't mean there isn't room to innovate.--BusinessWeek

7. Parenting Advice, by Mark Cuban

How do you make sure your kids don't become spoiled from your entrepreneurial success? Here's billionaire Mark Cuban's solution: "I'm not the dad that comes home with a ton of presents. I am the dad that says, 'Pick that up. Take that; put it in the sink. No, you have to earn that,'" Cuban tells Business Insider. "I want them to recognize that the only thing special about themselves is what they make for themselves."--Business Insider