1. Mea Culpa

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong reversed a controversial decision to cut back on certain 401(k) benefits, following an employee and media backlash. It's both a cautionary tale in ignoring your employees' needs and a leadership lesson: Armstong apologized and owned up to the mistake in a note to employees.--Re/code

2. Tax Uncertainty

Congress has yet to schedule a vote on whether to extend about four dozen tax provisions governing business writeoffs that expired at the end of 2013. That's little help for businesses trying to plan research and development, employee, and capital expenditures this year.--The New York Times  

3. Creative Campaign

This weekend, the Marc Jacobs pop-up store in Manhattan experimented with a new social-media marketing schtick: Customers could trade their Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagrams in exchange for actual goods, from handbags to perfume. The bet? That for a little ROI, consumers will be more than willing to share good brand vibes with hundreds of their closest friends.--Forbes

4. Fraud Alert

Mobile payment options for merchants are growing--and so, too, are the number of opportunities for fraud, particularly at smaller retailers, according to a recent study by LexisNexis and Javelin Strategy & Research. Larger businesses tend to use at least four fraud-detection tools, such as PINs and signature authentication, but small businesses average just two.--Mashable

5. Taking Stock

Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit organization, LeanIn.org, is expected to announce a partnership with Getty Images, a provider of stock photography, to offer a special set of new images that should represent empowered, modern women and familes. Say goodbye to clip art portraying women in power suits balancing babies and briefcases.--The New York Times

Plus, Wage Debate

The New York Times editorial board came out in a big way this weekend for raising the minimum wage. Meantime, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, a former public-relations executive argued for lowering the federal minimum hourly wage to $5 from $7.25. Expect this hot-button issue to get even hotter.--The New York Times, WSJ