1. Debacle Diverted

The House voted late Tuesday to suspend the debt ceiling until 2015. While passage in the Senate is likely--which would put certainty-loving business owners at ease--Congress did prolong the debate past its February 7 deadline.--Inc

2. Productivity Coaching

Executive coaches who advise CEOs on all manner of life decisions have become a hot commodity in the startup world. In a feature on First Round Review, Katia Verresen, one of the most sought-after coaches in the field, explains in detail methods that can boost your energy and productivity tremendously.--First Round Review

3. Twitter 2.0

Twitter is testing a drastic redesign that would make users' profiles look a lot more like Facebook. The new photo-centric design might mean you need to rethink your business's social-media campaigns on Twitter.--Mashable

4. Hiring Tip

Think what you will about Millennials, but the evidence is pretty clear that no generation has faced such difficult financial circumstances upon entering the work force. Keep in mind that the stereotypes you might have about this pool of potential employees and customers may be largely born of circumstance.--The Atlantic

5. On the Up and Up

Electric-car company Tesla's shares crossed $200 Tuesday, compared with $38 a year ago. Not all sky-high valuations come crashing back to earth.--Wall Street Journal

6. Motivation Miscue

PayPal president David Marcus recently sent an agitated email to employees, scolding them for not using PayPay products, saying, "That’s the only way we can make them better, and better." While he has a point, the memo is a prime example of how you should not speak to employees if motivation is your goal. --VentureBeat