1. Netflix Neutrality

The latest news in net neutrality is that Netflix is paying for greater access to Comcast subscribers. The move could be a precedent for more deals with broadband providers.--The Wall Street Journal

2. More Mobile

Expect big news coming out of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Among the highlights will be an address by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who will be talking about internet.org, which is seeking to bring the Internet to more people around the world who are currently not connected.--USA Today

3. New Markets

American venture capitalists and tech companies are putting their dollars into new startup territory: 2013 was the most active year for tech investment in Africa, according to CrunchBase data. "People in Africa will directly buy online," says Jeremy Hodara, the co-chief executive of Africa Internet Holdings. "If you take all the big Internet businesses, we can do them in Africa and we can do even more because there are no brick-and-mortar competitors."--TechCrunch

4. Legislative Watch

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona could this week sign a bill that would allow businesses to deny service to same-sex couples for religious reasons. The bill came after several businesses were sued by same-sex couples who were refused service--a contentious issue that could cross state lines.--The New York Times

5. Military Recruits

The George W. Bush Institute, a public policy center founded by former President George W. Bush, announced a new initiative to help veterans transition to life after war. The program will involve a collaboration between the government, nonprofits, private companies, and universities, which will work with employers to help them recruit and retain veterans.--Reuters

6. Supply-Chain Smarts

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will announce details this week of a plan to develop a huge new plant that will build lithium-ion battery packs for the company's electric cars. The so-called gigafactory shows how building your own supply of key parts and accessories can be a preferable strategy to pursuing partnerships.--USA Today