1. Cloud Wars

IBM plans to spend more than $1.2 billion to build 15 new data centers, and invest an additional $1 billion in developing cloud software programs for businesses. You can't help but wonder what enterprise startups and file-sharing company Dropbox--which raised $352 million from investors on Monday--have to say about this.--WSJ's Digits blog

2. Net Neutrality Update

Verizon chief executive Lowell McAdam says he's confident Verizon can extract payments from Netflix in a deal similar to the one Comcast has struck with the content company; AT&T says it's in talks with Netflix too. Pay attention, content-delivering small businesses--you may be next.--Arstechnica

3. Keeping Up With the Kids

According to a new eMarketer survey, 75 percent of teens said the social media site they used most often is YouTube, while only 60 percent said they use Facebook frequently and a mere 30 percent said the same of Twitter. So if kids are any predictor of popular social platforms, it might be time to beef up your video content.--ReCode

4. Determination Beats Degree

Days after co-founder Paul Graham announced he's stepping down from his role at Y Combinator, spoke at the Launch Festival in San Francisco about what he learned while leading the incubator for nine years. Graham said he's noticed a change in the types of candidates it now accepts, asserting that the Y Combinator partners are more likely to place a bet on someone who is determined over someone who is brainy.--Inc.

5. New Digital Age Grant

Have an idea to solve a major world problem with technology? You're in luck. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is donating $1 million in grants, which he's calling the New Digital Age Grant, to support world-changing technological innovation.--Business Insider

6. Another Blow to Bitcoin

The world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, located in Japan, is reportedly filing for bankruptcy following technological problems and a massive theft unveiled late Monday. The price of a single Bitcoin slid to $500 -- less than half its  $1,200 high -- following the news.--The New York Times