1. American Made

President Obama announced new steps to partner with the private sector to boost manufacturing. Specifically, consortiums of companies, nonprofits, and universities in both Detroit and Chicago will work with the federal government to launch two new manufacturing innovation hubs.--WhiteHouse.gov

2. Trademark Tussle

King, the gaming company behind Candy Crush, is backing down, dropping its battle to trademark the word "candy" in the United States, a move that could have unjustly threatened other small businesses. But a word of warning to European entrepreneurs: King still has trademark protection on the word throughout the E.U.--ReCode

3. Early Recruits

Looking for developer talent? Piazza, a study network for college students studying computer engineering, has launched Piazza Careers, a subscription service for companies looking to recruit some of the youngest talent on the market.--Wall Street Journal

4. Facebook Update

Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm yet again, this time to treat Pages even more like people. The upshot? Your brand's updates may have a better shot at getting in front of more eyeballs.--The Next Web

5. Office Space

Newly launched PeerSpace has created the Airbnb for unused work space. If you're a founder (in San Francisco) and need a place to work--or have space to share--you can connect with other startups via the app to make a deal.--Forbes

6. Cofounder Case Study

Former AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman is being sued by his cofounder for allegedly using company money for, among other things, elaborate vacations and personal credit card debt. Gopman also allegedly changed company system passwords and threatened to fire all his employees. If you've ever wondered what not to do as a cofounder, keep following this case as it unfolds.--Valleywag

7. Tesla's 'Gigafactory'

Panasonic shares shot up 7 percent in early trading on reports that it may invest nearly $1 billion in a lithium-battery "Gigafactory" masterminded by Tesla Motors. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly hinted that the factory output would match that of every lithium ion battery plant in the world, combined -- opening up production bottlenecks for alternative-energy companies.--Wall Street Journal