1. Taming the Trolls

Attorneys for the two patent troll cases before the Supreme Court made their arguments Wednesday. The Justices' decision will affect such things as the burden of proof and payment liabilities for business owners caught up in frivolous patent suits.--SCOTUSblog

2. Pricing Pointers

Uber's much-maligned surge pricing is back in the news, with the company now taking heat for willfully limiting its available drivers during peak demand times in order to raise rates. It's a good lesson on what not to do when conceiving your pricing strategy and customer service policies.--PandoDaily

3. Beyond Dongles and Digital Wallets

Square acquired BookFresh, an appointment booking service for merchants described as "OpenTable for everything but restaurants." Plus, rumors are swirling that Square is also testing a take-out delivery app. The takeaway? Diversifying your business and revenue streams might be a good move.--Recode

4. Wilkommen, MBAs

The global balance of power appears to have shifted in the MBA environment, as European schools have made serious gains on U.S. institutions. Might you look overseas the next time you have a hole on your leadership team?--HBR

5. Pass the Controller

Playing Tetris can help reduce your healthcare costs. Researchers from Plymouth University say that a short stint playing Tetris can reduce cravings for less-healthy vices like a smoke or a sweet. Finally, a study you can get behind!--Payscale

6. When Tech Gets Personal

Speaking at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, investor Mark Cuban -- who was charged with insider trading last year, then acquitted -- used his experience to explain why ephemeral technology will be the way of the future. Cuban said your kids, who use Snapchat, figured that out long before anyone else.--Inc.