1. Amazon Music?

Amazon is reportedly planning its own music subscription service, most likely bundled with Amazon Prime, which gives away streaming movies and two-day shipping for only $79 a year. After all, if the business model works with videos--why not music? Add another one to the long list of companies trying to dominate the streaming music space.--Recode

2. Bitcoin Brawl

Some politicians are urging federal regulators to ban Bitcoin, calling the virtual currency "unstable." Regulators, meanwhile, claim the Fed has no authority to regulate Bitcoin because it's an innovation "taking place outside the banking industry." The ball is back in Congress's court--stay tuned.--Wall Street Journal

3. Hot Real Estate Trend

A report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association shows that co-working spaces, which can serve as a launch pad for startups or a meeting place for remote workers, are quickly becoming an important part of the larger U.S. business climate. The number of co-working facilities in the U.S. has risen from one to 781 since 2005, and increased 83 percent between 2012 and 2013.--Boston Business Journal

4. 750,000 Bitcoins Lost

Mt. Gox officially filed for bankruptcy protection today. The Tokyo exchange says it may have lost as many as 750,000 of its customers' Bitcoins, worth more than $450 million at the time of the announcement, in hacking attacks.--The New York Times