1. Good News for News

A new study from the Media Insight Project bodes well for the spate of recently launched news startups: Americans across all demographic groups overwhelmingly report having an appetite for serious news coverage. Six in 10 of the people in the study also said that new sources and technologies have made it easier to keep up with the news than it was five years ago.--Associated Press

2. Trust Us

A compelling new study finds that the smarter you are, the more likely you are to trust others. According to researchers at Oxford University, "being a good judge of character is a distinct part of human intelligence which evolved through natural selection." This kind of trust is good for your health and greater happiness--not to mention key to building a strong startup team.--Esquire

3. March Madness

With the tournament set to get under way this week, should you let your employees stream March Madness at their desks? That depends on you, your company, and your employees--but less than half of IT departments stand in the way of letting employees stream non-work related content today.--Inc.com

4. Obamacare Update

Obamacare enrollment hit the 5 million-person mark Monday. The total number includes many sole proprietors, whose health insurance before was so costly it almost shut down their businesses.--U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

5. Stormy Weather

If you're looking for excuses for your poor first-quarter performance, just blame the weather--that, after all, is what almost 40 percent of the S&P 500 has done so far this year. Urban Outfitters, Gap, McDonald's, and General Motors are among the excuse-makers, citing meteorological commonplaces as a factor in their results and projections. Someone tell them you can't play the game of business in a weather-proof dome.--Wall Street Journal

6. Dropbox's Next Move

Dropbox has reportedly acquired Zulip, a stealthy workplace communication platform (think Yammer). While this is stellar news for the Cambridge-based Zulip team, the news also hints at a possible future feature aimed at businesses already using Dropbox's tools. In related news, Dropbox has announced it's opening a New York City office and hiring a team of 25 there.--TechCrunch