1. Generosity of the Crowd

Crowdfunding hub Kickstarter has reached a big milestone: $1 billion pledged by the crowd to date toward projects--both successful and unsuccessful. In case you needed any reassurance, the stat suggests crowdfunding is here to stay.--TechCrunch

2. South by Southwest

Which startup will become darling of the huge tech fest known as "South by"? Perhaps none, as was the case last year. The conference has become so large--this year around 30,000 people will attend the Interactive portion alone--that few new startups are able to rise above the noise the way Twitter and Foursquare once did. Stay tuned for SXSW coverage on Inc.com beginning Friday.--Wall Street Journal 

3. Open Windows

Under the new leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft reportedly may be losing two of its top executives: former Skype CEO Tony Bates and marketing head Tami Reller. If Nadella's recent promotion teaches us anything, though, it's that sometimes an organizational change up is just what a struggling company needs. --ReCode

4. Rouble Trouble

Global financial markets fell early Monday, thanks in large part to an escalation of the Ukranian crisis in Crimea. Russian markets were the hardest hit, with the rouble dropping to an all-time low against the dollar and the euro.--BBC

5. Photo Bomb

Ellen DeGeneres "broke Twitter" last night by posting a selfie with Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, and other Oscar elite that went on to garner nearly 2.5 million retweets in 9 hours--a new record. And $TWTR investors everywhere rejoiced. -- Twitter