1. Presidential Productivity Tips

Even President Obama makes time for family dinner every night--at 6:30 p.m. sharp. Jodi Kantor, New York Times correspondent and author of The Obamas, reports the habit often encroaches on fundraising and dealings with Congress, but Obama does it anyway. Maybe you should get home a little earlier tonight?--HBR

2. Tech Support

If your company's computers still run Windows XP, starting March 8 you'll get a pop-up that says Microsoft won't support the aging OS as of April 8. Um, you're still using XP?--Arstechnica

3. Proceed With Caution

Mobile-payment startup Square may be rolling out a controversial new feature called Square Capital, which would offer cash advances to merchants. While this might make sense for Square, as the company toys with the idea of going public, business owners feeling the financial crunch should definitely approach services like these with a healthy dose of caution.--ReCode