1. Legal Matters

When is an employee officially off the clock? That's a question the Supreme Court will take up, as it hears the case of temp workers who are asking to be paid for the time they spent going through security when leaving Amazon warehouses and distribution centers.--Fordyce Letters

2. 2015 Budget

Obama's latest budget for 2015 is awash in new tax and spending policies. But there's only one reform that might actually go through--and you won't like it.--Inc.

3. Decline of the PC?

Research firm IDC predicts the PC market will contract by 6 percent this year and continue to decline through 2018. The reasons for the slowdown are worth keeping in mind: slow economic growth, decreased spending power, and, perhaps most importantly, the rise of tablets and smartphones.--TechCrunch

4. From the Jargon Department

Here's a great reason to drop unnecessary tech terminology from your business marketing: A recent survey from the coupon site Vouchercloud.net found that 11 percent of Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease, 12 percent think USB is an acronym for a European country, and a whopping 42 percent believe that a motherboard is another word for the deck of a cruise ship. When in doubt, keep it simple--and low tech--stupid.--LA Times

5. Innovations in Dating

In an effort to "mak[e] dating fun again," a startup called The Dating Ring is raising funds on Crowdtilt to fly single women from New York City to meet single men in San Francisco. It's either a sign that dating sites are a hotter market than ever, or that the sector has run out of ideas.--BetaBeat