One lucky person has scored the steak lunch of his or her life. And it's only going to cost $3.46 million.

The price doesn't reflect the food, of course; it reflects the company. For the 13th consecutive year, business mogul Warren Buffett auctioned himself as a lunch companion in the name of charity. The auction, which was held on eBay over a week-long span, opened with a minimum bid of $25,000 and closed June 8. The anonymous winner set a record with a bid of $3,456,789, Bloomberg reports.

Buffett, known not only for his business success but also for his philanthropic ways, will donate the money (as he has every year) to San Francisco-based charity Glide. Glide provides healthcare, meals, and church services to those in need in San Francisco's down-trodden Tenderloin area. Rev. Cecil Williams of the Glide Foundation told Bloomberg that nearly all of the funding the charity receives comes directly from the yearly Buffett auction.

“We just had a most amazing, shocking experience occur in our great city,” Williams said in a statement on Friday. “I am extremely grateful to my friend Warren Buffett for his exceptional commitment.”

Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. offered a job last year to hedge-fund manager Ted Weschler--the man who bid over $2.5 million two years in a row to dine with the investor. Buffett says that a job offer coming from the lunch is unlikely to happen again but hopes to keep breaking records in the coming years as the auction continues to gain notoriety.