THERE'LL BE LESS PAPERWORK for employers who offer membership in health maintenance organizations, thanks to recently adopted changes in reporting and disclosure requirements for federally qualified HMO's. The required summary plan description is considerably shorter since much of that information is already furnished by the HMO. For a copy of the regulation, which took effect on March 30, write the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Communications, Room N-4659, 3rd St. and Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC 20210 and specify HMO Regulation of January 21.

BEFORE YOU BUY A COMPUTER, check to see if you have a maintenance agreement and if maintenance with the manufacturer can be transferred to another party should you decide to sell. Most manufacturers offer factory maintenance agreements on systems bought through dealers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and authorized distributors, but in many cases this factory maintenance is available only to the original user. There aren't many buyers for orphan computers that the manufacturer disowns.