Glare from video display terminals can cause VDT users eyestrain and headaches. Economical steps can be taken to reduce this glare at work stations:

* Install muted and nonreflective materials for wall coverings and carpets.

* Make sure work surfaces have a matte finish and no chrome trim.

* Buy equipment with nonreflective or glare-reducing glass or add commercially available filters to highly reflective screens.

* Shade or dim the surrounding bright lights or direct sunlight.

Eyestrain and headaches aren't the only problems reported by regular VDT users. Other complaints include muscle pain, insomnia, and indigestion. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health has published a useful guide, "Health Protection for Operators of VDTs and CRT's," available by sending $3 to NYCOSH, 32 Union Square, Room 404, New York, NY 10003.