Meetings, telephone calls, and unscheduled interruptions often claim more time than they're worth. The Time Management Center in Grandville, Mich., offers these tips:

* Hold meetings in someone else's office. You control the length of the meeting since you can leave at any time.

* Talk on your feet. Meet visitors at the door and remain standing throughout the discussion.

* Outline the topics you want to discuss before making calls.

* If you must leave a message or ask someone to call you back, give a preferred time.

* Make a note of the best time to reach anyone you expect to call frequently.

* If you're really pressed, tell long-winded callers that you have a fire in your wastebasket. If that doesn't work, try hanging up in midsentence to give the impression you were suddenly disconnected.

For additional ideas, write for "Timely Time Tips," available for $1 through the Time Management Center, P.O. Box 5, Grandville, MI 49418.