The fact that you don't have the budget to support half-page newspaper ads doesn't mean you should resign yourself to obscurity. In fact, since the newspaper usually stacks, or "pyramids," ads with the largest on the bottom, small ads often wind up with at least one side touching editorial copy.

Most newspapers have special discount rates for advertisers who run small ads consistently. For example, the Portsmouth Herald in Portsmouth, N.H., offers "business builders" advertising. A three-month contract for a four-inch ad running six times a week costs $184 per month, instead of the regular "a la carte" rate of $385.

Another advertising idea: Some newspapers sell odd configurations of space -- such as L shapes or narrow bands -- that can attract attention. One retailer created a successful series of ads in comic strip style to fit a band of space offered by the Washington Post in its financial section.

For information on rates and design ideas, contact a newspaper's advertising department.